Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chapter 1



Chapter 1
Spooky stories

At last the test was over. I knew I had done badly again. When I submitted the paper, it was blank white like it had been bleached. The shining white struck everyone’s eye in the class. They knew I had written absolutely nothing. I should at least have made a doodle.  But there was no hope for me now. After that terrible paper, I knew that I was going away to a faraway boarding school.

 But, my brother Kaji looked very happy. He knew that he had done well and would get good grades. He was talking with Akumu and was surrounded by girls who were admiring him. All the girls in the class were crazy about him. Even Miko the snob liked him. Miko had small black eyes and grey hair. She was the richest girl in the whole school. There were rumors that her father owned oil mines and a luxury cruise line. Miko was always showing off trying to remember which country she had got her accessories from.
“Hello Mizu.” A familiar voice called out.
“Hello Sakura.” I said turning to my best friend.
“Mizu, why don’t we walk to the cafeteria and get something to eat?” she asked.
“Why not.” I said.
Sakura and I started to walk to the cafeteria to get something to eat.
“Hey, do you know where they’re taking us for camping this time?” Seiya asked. “Green fire forest!”
“What’s so special about that place?” I asked.
“You mean, you don’t know?” Seiya asked. “There’s Won’s mansion there.”
“Won?” I asked.
“You don’t know who Won is?” Seiya asked with undisguised surprise.
“He’s a strange spirit monster about which we have a lot of legends. They’re just stories.” Sakura said.
“They’re real.” Seiya said.
“Such stupid things cannot be true.” Sakura said.
“Will you please tell me what you’re talking about?” I asked.

“It all started a long time ago” Seiya began with enthusiasm. Everyone gathered around to listen to his story. “Greenfire forest was a graveyard. All people who were mischievous, played nasty tricks and were evil used to be buried here. There was an active volcano near the cemetery in Greenfire forest. For many years the souls of the buried people were dormant but one day everything changed. It was a humid, Halloween Saturday night……

The graveyard’s night guard had come for his duty. Children came to the graveyard to look around but the guard drove all of them away. The children were persistent. They found another way into the graveyard from the backside. The guard thought that it was late night so he closed the gates and went away. The children went into the graveyard and saw many people buried. They started to dig for the coffins because they were very naughty.

 Suddenly as they hit upon one of the coffins they heard a strange noise. They were frightened.
SUDDENLY, a rapid wind started blowing. A black shadow appeared. They couldn’t understand what was going on.
Soon they discovered it was the spirit of Won.

According to old legends Won was a ferocious monster. He was like the monsters that appeared in horror movies. Won was killed about five thousand years ago from that day. He was also known as the Black Rose.

Won’s spirit came alive from the coffin. It raced behind the frightened children. The children tried to run and escape but the front gate was closed. It was a dead end. A flash of light appeared. The volcano erupted and lava stared to flow. That was all they remembered………….
The next morning the children were found dead.  It was scary. How and why the children were killed, no one knew. Some people thought the children were killed by the volcano. The volcano had erupted that night but strangely no one had heard anything. The spirit of Won was free and his coffin was empty.

On the three children lay three garlands of black roses………….”

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