Thursday, November 18, 2010



There was silence in the classroom. Not a single student whispered or sighed. Even the usually noisy fans rotated in silence. An important test was in progress. Only one week had passed since I joined the sixth grade and the teacher was giving a test.

I hated this silence. Let me introduce myself. I am Mizu Williams-the irritating girl who can’t keep her big mouth shut. I also poke my nose into other people’s affairs. Besides being clumsy and extremely bad in studies I am also the editor of the school newspaper. I became the editor only because no one else was ready to.

My big mouth keeps getting me into trouble and my lack of interest in studies gets me bad grades. I love to watch horror movies and I hate to study. I love to eat too.

Today is the day of ‘the important test’. It is important because my mom said that if I got a poor grade in this test (like I usually do), she would send me to a faraway boarding school. And I don’t want that to happen.  That is why I tried to study the whole of last night.

It was indeed difficult. I thought I would study the whole night but I was getting so bored that I switched on the Television. I just kept the book open on my lap and watched a movie. After the movie ended, I slept.

My irritating twin brother Kaji is very good at studies. He always gets an O (outstanding) grade. He has blonde hair and blue eyes just like me. He doesn’t do any other work or play. He just studies. I wish he didn’t study so much. He never misses a chance to brag about his good grades. He’s not interested in anything except studies and knowledge- Could someone in the universe probably be so boring?

Kaji has a best friend. His name is Akumu. He has brown eyes and brunette hair. His mother and my mother are good friends. He also gets an O grade just like Kaji. He is quiet and well-mannered.

Seiya is also a school newspaper reporter. He has black hair and small black eyes. He is Japanese. You may be wondering why all our names are Japanese although we are Americans. This is because Akumu’s mother and my mother spent their childhood in Japan. That is why they wanted us to have Japanese names. Seiya is one of my best friends. He is friendly and open minded.

This is all by way of introduction. I hope you’ll enjoy the story of my spooky adventure. Let’s begin our story.

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